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Why us?

A 275- Year Old Hotel, newly renovated offers a pleasurable experience in a place full of history.

Here, you can explore the Old City staying next to all the main tourist attractions.

You'll also find that The Hashimi Hotel's rooftop has the best panoramic view in town, it's simply breathtaking.

Hashimi is your home away from home.

As you pass through the doors of the Hashimi Hotel, you'll be surrounded by the history and atmosphere of this unique place.

Experience the perfect fusion of modern amenities and old charm of the Old City when you stay in any of our inviting guestrooms.

All accommodations have Free Wi-Fi, A/C heating, and TV for your convenience and enjoyment. 

while based at the hotel, discover what makes the Old City a destination many visitors remember forever.


Walk through the historical area of the Old City where it is only a few minutes walk away from all holy sites.

Location & Information


It doesn’t matter which direction you go once you step outside your room.


Fascinating, celebrated attractions like these are less than 100 yards from our hotel in Jerusalem:


  • Church of the Holy Sepulcher

  • Dome of the Rock

  • Via Dolorosa


  • Al Aqsa Mosque 

  • Mount of Olives

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