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As an honored guest of the Hashimi Hotel, you will enjoy a relaxing and special stay which


makes the "atmosphere" at the Hashimi Hotel the BEST in the Old City. 


enjoy a cup of tea/coffee opposite an exquisite view  *(small fee for drinks)


FREE luggage storage


You will be able to safeguard your valuables in the Hashimi Hotel's safe.

Brand new renovations

The perfectionist owners of Hashimi Hotel have paid attention to all of the details!
The whole hotel has been newly renovated and improved from top to bottom.
They have added an impressive list of features with a desire to make their guest's
stay pleasant. I'm sure that you, as their guest, will benefit from their efforts as well
 enjoy and appreciate the results!

Outstanding Location

if you’re vacationing in Israel to see the religious and historical sites,

Hashimi Hotel will make a terrific base for your travels. For example,


Church of the Holy Sepulcher is only 125 yards away! Even many of the New
City areas of Jerusalem are close enough to walk to. Staying in the Old City will
Make touring Jerusalem easier for you.  our tour manager will arrange for you
 organized tours to all areas of Jerusalem with the help of an experienced English speaking tour guide.


Some are walking tours.

Some are by bus to other cities and regions. All of them are great fun.

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